Home from India: Poetry

Days cool like a bath you’ve fallen asleep in. This is a line from a poem I wrote many years ago, but it keeps coming to mind this week as the weather shifts towards fall. Other poems are surfacing also, like the poetry I wrote last October as I traveled through Bhutan and India. This… {read more}

I am not the moon

There’s a saying I love: A finger pointing at the moon is not the moon. I would add, if you meet a finger who thinks she’s the moon, walk the other way. And don’t expect from the finger what you imagine about the moon. The finger spent a long time searching before she looked up…. {read more}

Announcing my new role as a community deathcare educator

Hello readers! This site is undergoing a shift. It will still be the online home for all matters related to my yoga teaching, but now I’ll be offering more than just yoga. Over the past year I’ve dedicated myself to the study of community deathcare and I’m ready to put myself out into the world… {read more}

The yoga of dying: Corpse pose

I recently had my first opportunity to speak on the intersection of yoga and death. In the week leading up to my talk, I had blocked off time in my calendar to prepare, but instead of using this time to write, I ended up sick in bed, high on cold medicine, unable to work. I… {read more}

I am bliss: Thoughts on Sivananda Ashram Bahamas

I’ve just returned from a week at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. Once a year for the past three years I’ve been invited to the ashram to run a workshop called “Yoga for the Nervous System”, which is all about using restorative yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) to support the nervous system and promote… {read more}

My inner nun

There’s a part of me that longs for monastic life. Michael Stone called this my “inner nun”. He said that we all have an inner nun or an inner monk, quietly longing for stillness. As my meditation practice deepens, I find myself more in touch with my inner nun, looking for ways to bring her… {read more}