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Our attachments weigh us down

I’ve written before about attachments and the yama aparigraha (non-attachment). The idea is that strong attachments or aversions to anything (objects, people, places, feelings) cause suffering. This is because impermanence is a fact of life. Objects break, people die, places change, feelings come and go, and to the extent that we are attached to them, we… {read more}

The times have always been uncertain

Since the results of the US elections were announced last week, I’ve taught 17 yoga classes and held space with over 200 people. Like me, many of these students are feeling angry and disappointed. But by far, the most painful feeling that seems to be arising is uncertainty. “What’s going to happen?” we ask. “Can… {read more}

Yoga for Difficult Times: Aparigraha

Yoga offers ancient solutions to modern problems. But you could also say yoga offers ancient solutions to ancient problems, because when things go sideways in our lives, the themes are as old as the sun. Grief, loss, disappointment, illness, anger, pain, frustration, loneliness: none of these are unique to the modern world. Your girlfriend may… {read more}