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On practicing yoga and performing spirituality

I recently attended a training with a yoga teacher who, over the course of our 4 days together, revealed that she doesn’t chant om with her classes, nor does she use the Sanskrit names for poses. Moreover, if she’s teaching a 12-week program, it might be week 6 before she teaches a recognizable yoga pose… {read more}

Chronic pain and limiting beliefs

2013, newly diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, 14 years into my relationship with chronic pain affecting my back, arms, knees, and feet. Living with chronic pain is challenging. Everyday tasks are difficult, sleep is disturbed, days once filled with satisfying work and hobbies are now organised around medical appointments interspersed with isolation. The definition of chronic pain… {read more}

Yoga for Difficult Times: Svadhyaya

Yoga offers ancient solutions to modern problems. But you could also say yoga offers ancient solutions to ancient problems, because when things go sideways in our lives, the themes are as old as the sun. Grief, loss, disappointment, illness, anger, pain, frustration, loneliness: none of these are unique to the modern world. Your girlfriend may… {read more}

Lessons from the mat

It’s a sunny Wednesday afternoon in late April. I’ve just led a group of students into janu sirsasana, or head to knee pose. This pose is an asymmetrical seated forward fold, done with one leg extended and one leg folded in. As usual, I’ve called this pose by its Sanskrit name, avoiding any mention of… {read more}

A good prayer

Imagine getting into a taxi and saying: “Please don’t take me to the airport. Please don’t take me downtown. Please, please, please don’t take me to the west end. Please don’t take me to work or school or the hospital. Please don’t take me any of those places.” Seriously, can you imagine how strange that… {read more}

Reframing chronic pain

One of the ways I make sense of my pain is by reframing what it means to have pain. In particular, I’m interested in the way I, and others, talk about pain. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of words and language; I studied linguistics at university, and I’ve been writing poetry since I… {read more}