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Yoga for Difficult Times: Tapas

Yoga offers ancient solutions to modern problems. But you could also say yoga offers ancient solutions to ancient problems, because when things go sideways in our lives, the themes are as old as the sun. Grief, loss, disappointment, illness, anger, pain, frustration, loneliness: none of these are unique to the modern world. Your girlfriend may… {read more}

Yoga for Lyme Disease: An Interview with Erin Bidlake

Kayla Kurin of Aroga Yoga recently interviewed me about how I’ve used yoga to work with chronic pain and Lyme disease.  

I have a life preserver in the form of a little pink pill

I have a life preserver in the form of a little pink pill. I started taking it about four years ago when I began to understand the extent to which my illness was becoming a family affair. While I was willing to let myself drown in Lyme disease, anxiety, and depression, I couldn’t bear to… {read more}

Chronic pain and yoga asana: 4 tips

Yoga has been instrumental to my recovery from Lyme disease. I’ve already written about how I use yogic philosophy to make sense of chronic pain (here and here), but long before I knew anything about yogic philosophy, I started using the physical practice of yoga (yoga asana) to work with the disease in my body. People… {read more}

Reframing chronic pain

One of the ways I make sense of my pain is by reframing what it means to have pain. In particular, I’m interested in the way I, and others, talk about pain. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of words and language; I studied linguistics at university, and I’ve been writing poetry since I… {read more}

“This isn’t what it looks like”: Outing the invisible pain of Lyme disease

This is a picture of me after a session of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) cupping therapy. TCM is one of the modalities I have used in my recovery from Lyme disease. The marks on my back here are made by heating the air inside small glass cups and then placing them on my back. As… {read more}