Public Class Schedule


9:15-10:15am Hot Gentle Yoga @ Movati Athletic (Trainyards)

10:30-11:30am Hot Yoga @ Movati Athletic (Trainyards)


5:30-6:45pm Restorative Yoga (with Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls) @ Movati Athletic (Trainyards)


9:00-10:15am Hot Yoga @ Movati Athletic (Nepean)

10:30-11:45am Hot Gentle Yoga @ Movati Athletic (Nepean)

12:00-1pm Hot Yin Yoga @ Movati Athletic (Nepean)

Class descriptions

  • Hot Gentle Yoga:
    Held in a heated room, this class is designed for yoga participants who prefer a slower-paced, less strenuous practice.
  • Hot Yin Yoga:
    This yin practice is held in a heated room. A typical North American hatha class embodies yang energy: it is heating, active, and muscular in nature. A yin-style practice, on the other hand, is cooling, receptive, and targets the connective tissue. In this class, bolsters and blocks support the body in longer-held poses, allowing the connective tissue to release deeply held tension. Yin is a wonderful practice for targeting chronically tight areas of the body, such as hips, hamstrings, and shoulders.
  • Hot Yoga:
    Held in a heated room, this all-levels class begins with a gentle warm up, builds slowly to a dynamic, heating flow of classical hatha poses, and finishes with longer-held seated poses and breathing exercises. It’s a balanced practice that stretches, strengthens, and detoxifies the whole body, leaving students feeling calm and relaxed.
  • Restorative Yoga:
    Yoga poses that ask our muscles to move and contract are yang in nature. Yoga poses that ask our connective tissues to relax and lengthen over time are yin in nature. Yoga poses that ask nothing of our bodies except rest and healing are restorative in nature. Restorative yoga is suitable for anyone and has benefits for everyone.