Announcing: Satsang Saturdays

Here’s a new yoga word for you: satsang.

Satsang means to be in the presence of true people, where sat means truth and sang means assembly or gathering. Satsang is a way to connect with others on the spiritual path.

I’ve long felt lonely on this path, have you? There was a time when I gathered with a group of seekers in a cozy spot called the Makata Livingroom. We sat in a circle, studied the teachings, and kept each other out of free-fall. It was yoga philosophy with a heap of truth-telling and a good dose of pee-your-pants laughing.

That was before the Livingroom, along with my beloved mentor Kat, moved to the Skye property in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Skye several times, but I miss having a local community.

So, with help from the Rama Lotus Yoga Centre, I’m doing my best to create one. Beginning on September 30, 2017, there will be a regular Saturday evening satsang from 7-9pm. Each will feature a different guest teacher who will present on a topic relating to yoga and spirituality. Each satsang will include lots of time for questions and discussion. My hope is to foster a community of seekers who will meet regularly and encourage one another on their path. I know I could use some encouragement, could you?

The fall 2017 line-up:

Saturday, September 30, 7-9pm: Jamine Ackert
Saturday, November 11, 7-9pm: Robert Hay
Saturday, December 9, 7-9pm: Annie Bray

All satsangs will be held at Rama Lotus Yoga Centre, 342 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa.

Because I don’t want tight finances to keep people from coming, admission is on a “pay what you can” basis.

Let’s sit in a circle of true people and connect the teachings to our lives. Will you come?

Image © 2017 Erin Bidlake

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