Erin’s warm personality and supportive approach when teaching yoga has been a comfort to me – so has connecting with others who can relate to my experience with Lyme. What I didn’t anticipate is how good it would feel to move and connect with my body again. I feel stronger and have started doing poses at home to help with pain. I highly recommend this yoga class. Thanks Erin, you have inspired me.” –Wendy, Yoga for Lyme disease student

I have signed up again for Erin’s yoga sessions. The classes have been immensely helpful in getting my confidence back to exercise after a rough summer with Lyme-related health issues. The sharing and caring that happens is an added bonus. The opportunity to bring someone for support is amazing and we are blessed to have such an offering in Ottawa. Would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you, Erin!” –Sue Kavanagh, Yoga for Lyme disease student

Erin is the best yoga teacher! Her whole personality embraces yoga philosophy and I am so grateful to her for giving us a chance to be with other people that understand what chronic Lyme can do.” -Gen, Yoga for Lyme disease student

I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely birthday party. It was a bit crazy with that number of kids (I’ll know better for next year!) but you did an amazing job. Many parents remarked to me how it was incredible that they were so calm and quiet during yoga, and that their kids thought it was awesome. My kids are still talking about how being super kind and using super strength to help people is what super heroes do.” –Bronwyn, parent

Erin is a wonderful teacher with years of experience not only teaching classes, but deepening her own studies and understanding of yoga. She has a wide base of training and familiarity with the aspects of yoga and also with dealing with many levels of yoga students – both those new to yoga and those with more practice. She brings a personal interest to yoga and to her teaching, able to communicate deep yogic principles in practical, simple ways. Erin is helpful to her students and sincere in wanting to share yoga with people of all abilities.” –Jamine Ackert, teacher

Erin is a caring, genuine person and an excellent yoga teacher. Her dedication to the ongoing study and practice of yoga, combined with her curiosity and compassion for others really shines through in her teachings. Her classes feel safe, welcoming, creative and professional. Her commitment to sharing the benefits of this ancient practice is inspiring. It’s a privilege to be a part of her journey.” –Kat Mills, teacher

It’s clear to me that Erin genuinely believes in the power of yoga – from personal experience, continual education and more. Her clear direction, thoughtful sequences, and holistic approach make her classes a well-balanced joy to partake in. For anyone willing to experience a well-rounded practice – I’d definitely encourage you to try her classes.” –Tara Porter, teacher

The very first thing I noticed about Erin’s teaching style was her smile. Every class is always filled with a fun, positive energy that one doesn’t always get from a yoga instructor. She leads her classes with a conscious presence. The best thing specifically in the classes is the large amount of variations offered with every pose – making every class extremely accessible.” –Carolynne Colbeck, student

Erin is an extremely knowledgeable yoga instructor. She is kind, accommodating, and very willing to work with you, whether you are new to yoga or more advanced. She listens to your concerns and will help you grow in your practice.” –Rosalind Quigley, student